In order to collaborate with your clients and take advantage of everything Studio has to offer, we do require that you create a Stripe account. There is no fee and the set up is quick! To get started, make sure you have the following information handy;

  • Legal Studio or Business Name.
  • Bank Account Information or Debit Card.

Step One

Navigate to the Business Payments section of your Studio Settings and click the button to Setup Stripe. This will open a new window.
Step 1

Step Two

The Stripe Account Setup will walk you through two main steps, verifying your information and bank or debit card details.
Step 2 Until you have your Payouts account confirmed, you will be unable to utilize your Stripe account and unable to receive studio orders from clients. Step 2 Once this is completed, you will get an email confirmation that gains you full access to your Stripe account. You will be able to track all transactions and update your account details there.

Step Three

After setting up your Stripe Account you will head back to your Studio Settings and confirm your Legal Studio Name. This is what will be used when WHCC remits payment to you and for any related tax reporting. You will also confirm the email address you prefer for all Stripe related notifications from WHCC.
Step 3

Step Four

Confirm your order submission preference. The default selection will be set to Auto-submit client orders after 2 hours. This gives you a small window in which to review or adjust orders, but does not hold anything from production.
Step 4 If you prefer to personally review and approve every order your clients create, adjust this selection to Hold client orders until I approve.
Step 4 It is important to note that if you make this selection, nothing will ever be sent to production until you log in and manually approve it. This can affect the turnaround time of the order.

When you are finished, click Save + Continue!