Before your clients can create and order their own card designs, you need to set your pricing. This setting is global so its important to decide now on your preference.

Step One

Navigate to the Set Your Prices tab of your Studio Settings.
The first selection you will make is the Markup Type. All accounts are automatically set with the Sell At Cost selection, meaning that your client would pay exactly what you pay, no markup and no profit. Step 1

Step Two

The second selection is a Percent Upcharge. Choosing this setting means that your client only ever see's this new published price. Step 2 You can set this to any percentage you like, and we have chosen 200 for the sale of this article. Your client will se a published price of $2.31 per card and you will keep about $1.54 from each as profit. Step 3

Step Three

Next you will customize the Paper Offerings that will be available to your client. Step 4 We recommend selecting no more than four papers so that client's are not overwhelmed with choices. To see details about each of the available papers, visit the Press Printed Cards page. Step 5

When you are finished, click Save + Continue!
Step 6