Setting up your branding is an important step and will help your client's experience with WHCC Studio feel familiar to your brand.

Step One

Navigate to Studio from by hovering on Resources and selecting Studio from the drop down. Step 1 Click the Get Started button at the top of this page. Step 1b If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to do so at this point.
Step 1c

Step Two

Once inside your Studio Account, click the Add Your Own Brand box on the left. Step 2

Step Three

Confirm what you would like displayed as your Visible Studio Name. This field will auto fill with the studio name you have on file in your WHCC account. Step 3

Step Four

Add your logo! Click the Click to add your logo prompt and navigate to the logo file of your choice. File types that are acceptable for upload include JPG, JPEG, SVG and PNG. Step 4

Step Five

If your logo has a signature color, or if you have a color you personally prefer, add it by entering the Hex value or entering the RGB values. Step 5

Step Six

Make sure that the Card Branding name is set to your preferred studio name. This branding will automatically appear anytime your client designs a card using a collaboration link you send. Lastly, click Save + Continue to complete this step! Step 6

When you are finished, click Save + Continue!