One exciting feature of Studio is that you can create custom collections of cards to share with your clients.

Step One

Your first step is to navigate to the My Projects tab and click the New Project button.
Step 1

Step Two

Once you are in your new project, give it a name! For this sample we are using Jones Family. Step 2 Each project will have some file requirements and specifications which are covered within this project landing page.
Step 2

Step Three

To upload files to your project, click on the Click To Browse link or drag and drop files directly into the top film stripe from your desktop or folder.
Step 3 Step 3 Step 3

Step Four

Once your images are loaded into your project you are all set to go! You can create cards for your clients, send them a link to download their digital files, and access the images within Studio iPad to create gallery wall collections.
Step 4 Step 4