One exciting feature of Studio is that you can create custom collections of cards to share with your clients.

Step One

Your first step is to navigate to the Collections tab and click the + Add Collection button.
Step 1

Step Two

Name your collection and choose which category of designs to select from.
Step 2 Step 2

Step Three

To preview card designs, hover on a thumbnail and click the Preview button. Step 3 You can view the front and back of a card design from within the preview screen.
Step 3 Navigate between them by clicking the Front and Back tabs across the bottom.
Step 3

Step Four

To select a card design, click the Add to Collection check box within the card preview. Step 4 You can also select a card by clicking directly on the small thumbnail image.
Step 4

Step Five

Once you are finished selecting all of your designs, click the Save Collection button at the top! Step 5


You now have a new custom card collection to share with your clients.

Step 1