The Compare Tool is useful for making your final image ratings. Sometimes when an image is a MAYBE, it is because it is so similar to another image(s) that its difficult to decide. You can use the Compare Tool to see those images all together on one screen!

Step One

Once you have finished your first round of rating images, you might find that you have a handful of similar images with Yes and Maybe ratings. To make your final choices, select the Compare Tool from the bottom left menu. Step 1

Once inside this tool you can tap a second image that you want to view side by side and adjust your ratings. Step 1

When you are finished adjusting your ratings, you can remove the image from the display by tapping the small arrow. Step 1

Step Two

The Compare Tool can also accomodate more than two images, so if you have three, or four, or even more that are similar you can view them all at once.

Step 1 Step 1

When you have finished adjusting all of your image ratings you can close the tool by clicking the Close Compare button in the top left or by clicking the button in the center of your screen. Step 1