Playing a slideshow of your clients images has never been easier!

Step One

After creating your project at you will open the Studio App on your iPad.

Step 1

Step Two

Selet the project you want to work on by tapping on it, and once inside you can select the Slideshow tool in the bottom left.

Step 2

Adjust your slideshow settings using the left and right arrows.

Step 2b

Click Start Slideshow after you are happy with the settings!

Step 1

Step Three

Enjoy your slideshow! The slideshow tools let you go back and forth between images and pause the sequence when needed.

Step 1b

Images will seamlessly fade during each transition.

Step 1

Step Four

When your slideshow ends it will atomatically repeat from the beginning, so make sure to click the End Slideshow button to exit the slideshow.

Step 1b