When your slideshow is complete, you can rate the images alongside your client and help them pick out their favorites!

Step One

To begin rating images you will first want to select your display or showing options.
Step 1

We recommend that you select the Yes (Green), Maybe (yellow), and Unrated (gray). By removing your N0 (red) selection, any images that your client dislikes will be hidden.
Step 1b

Step Two

Adjust the order in which the images are displayed by tapping the small arrows. This setting will automatically be Date Taken but can be adjusted if you prefer to sequence the images by their Date Modified, Rating, Name, or by whether or not they have been Used.

Step 2

Step 2b

Step Three

Now for the fun part, rating your images! As each image is selected, you can tap the small face icon that matches your preferred rating. As you rate each image, the app will automatically load the next image in line. You can always go back and adjust a rating. Step 3

Step 3b

Step 3c

If you mark an image with a No rating but then change your mind, you can view the image again by adjusting your Showing settings to include No images.

Step 4

When you are finished, its time to use the Compare Tool!