One of the best features that the Studio iPad app offers is the option to create wall gallery designs using images of your clients actual home! The process is easy and just requires a small amount of preparation.

Client Preparation

Request that your client identify the wall in their home that they want to build a custom Wall Gallery for, and have them remove any artwork or decorations currently on display.

Have your client photograph the wall with their camera or phone positioned horizontally. Your client should stand far enough away from the wall that they can see see at least some of the floor or some of the ceiling, giving the image context.

Capturing the Image

It is ideal to capture this image when the light is at its very best for the chosen space. If there are nearby windows, open the curtains or blinds to allow as much natural light as possible. Turn on additional lights within the space to help minimize shadows.

Important Step: Using clear tape, place an 8.5"x11" sheet of standard printer paper onto the center of the wall, or any other paper with identifiable measurements. If the paper and wall are both white, make a quick outline along the paper edges in a color that contrasts better.

Step 1 Step 2

The direction from which your wall receives natural light from will inform when you should take your photo.

From the North: Try to get your photo between 10am and 2pm.
From the East: Before 10am.
From the West: After 2pm.
From the South: Before 10am or after 4pm.

Using the Image in the Studio app

Step One: Transfer the image into your iPad Camera Roll or Dropbox Account.

Step Two: Make and name a new wall.
Step 2

Step Three: Select the + Button under Project Scenes and locate the image.

Step 3a
Step 3b

Step Four: Calibrate your wall by sizing the ruler inside the app to match one dimension of the printer paper. For more detailed instructions on wall calibration, go to our Calibration Tutorial.

Step 4a

All Finished!

Step 4b Now you can begin dragging and dropping images onto your wall to customize your products and create a beautiful new Collage.